Beauty & Blessings February Flower Painting Challenge

art classes painting Jan 27, 2022
flower painting art

Whether you consider yourself an artist or not, let's make this February beautiful! The mission is simple - paint a flower each day. No need for anything fancy - could be a doodle or a full-on canvas masterpiece. The point is to shift our focus and calm our minds for just a few minutes each day.

But here's the best part - share the beauty! Share the blessings! Let's flood social media with pictures of something bright and cheerful.

Want to do more?

1 - Invite friends and neighbors to join us, because we can all use a little more beauty, creativity, and joy in our busy lives.

2 - Add a favorite bible verse or note something that you are thankful for into your art.

3 - Don't keep it yourself! Consider painting on postcard size cardstock and mailing your finished art to a friend.

UPDATEThese tiny artworks (each with a bible verse) are painted on artist trading cards and matted to fit in a standard 5x7 frame. These are part of my collection - Beauty & Blessings. ALL PROCEEDS WILL BE DONATED TO SUPPORT UKRAINE through Catholic Relief Services.



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