The Beauty of Imperfection: Sunflowers, Peacock Feathers, and Seashells

art classes family heirloom family life homeschooling live wedding painter painting wedding wedding painter Aug 20, 2022

Our summer came in fast. It was full speed ahead until - well, it crashed right into the school year and is still refusing to slow down! There have been so many amazing moments that it is difficult to highlight just a few. Not to get all deep and philosophical - but I guess that is just how life goes. Fast, exciting, trying, exhausting, joyful, scary - all at once - it's a blur. It doesn't always have clean edges, perfect little chapters with clear beginnings or endings.

Painting (and creating art in general) is much the same way. Blurs of color, finding perfection and beauty in the imperfection, not clear cut or exact, sometimes fast and others time relaxed and effortless. 

Here are just a few highlights (in no particular order) of our beautiful, imperfect, messy summer...

- Wedding Paintings - galore :-) SO MANY beautiful, ah-mazing celebrations of love (This is where the peacock feathers come in.)

 - Launched my new painting membership - The Creative Clique. My tiny group of artsy ladies is painting something new every single week and it is awesome to see their progress! (This is where the sunflowers are from.)

 - Our first baby girl got engaged to be married! YIKES! My eyes are still leaking but we feel so very blessed that God has sent her such a good man with a lovely family. She hung up her ICU scrubs for the last time and put on her full-time student hat again for a bit. CRNA school is already proving to be quite a challenge and she loves a good challenge!

- Baby girl #2 went back to college for the semester. This self-proclaimed history nerd of ours is blissfully happy learning all about World War 2, Historic Preservation, and Political Science. We get to enjoy having her home with us all summer and spending time at the barn with her horse.

- Little man is 13, taller than me and I sometimes worry that there's a man in the house when I hear him talking. This is his first year of high school and I plan to sneak as many kisses onto those freckled cheeks as possible because time is just flying by. He spent 3 weeks away this summer in Pensacola doing Sea Cadet trainings. (Hence - the seashells. We made 8 trips back and forth to taxi him around. You know we had to stop at the beach, too.)



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